WeLab Bank goes multi-cloud with Solace

Hong Kong-based virtual bank WeLab Bank chose Solace as a core component of its technology architecture to establish multi-cloud vendor communication.

Using Solace PubSub+, WeLab Bank will run its entire infrastructure on multiple clouds to ensure customer information is well protected and secured. 

Through the partnership with Solace, WeLab Bank expects to continue to deliver innovative and game-changing financial service products to all customers.

Solace’s technology helps WeLab Bank connect its key backend systems, including Temenos Cloud Core Banking and Fast Payment, to enable event-driven microservices critical for real-time data flow. This allows WeLab Bank to respond to critical business events in an agile and efficient manner, providing customers with a seamless virtual banking experience. 

In addition, having the entire virtual bank infrastructure in the cloud with a solid foundation that supports high scalability allows it to bring next-generation digital services to customers 24/7.

“Solace provides us with the scalability necessary to support our vision to become a leading virtual bank in the region,” said Kenneth Chau, CTO at WeLab Bank.

“Through a microservices architecture, WeLab Bank can create and deploy innovative products such as GoSave and WeLab Debit Card, one of Asia’s first numberless debit cards,” said Chau. “Solace’s secure and scalable messaging backbone has been invaluable in helping WeLab Bank shorten the time-to-market for our current and future digital bank offerings.”

Sumeet Puri, chief technology solutions officer of Solace, said financial institutions that wish to differentiate themselves and thrive in the rapidly evolving financial services sector must seek new ways to leverage real-time data and provide innovative offerings, or they risk being left behind.