WeBank, OpenNodes push financial blockchain for Singapore students

WeBank and OpenNodes have teamed up to offer the financial blockchain platform, FISCO BCOS (Be Credible, Open & Secure), as an “innovation playfield” to technology students and academics in Singapore, in an effort to advance blockchain use within the academic community and encouraging them to pioneer innovations that can shape the future of different industries.

The students shall receive support from this joint ecosystem to test their disruptive ideas, as they use FISCO BCOS like Lego bricks to build. If the development is a potential game-changer, they would be required to open source the application as responsible members of the community – an approach meant to hone a collaborative mindset.

Mentorship, technology workshops, and hackathons for market education and talent cultivation will constitute an empowering activity line-up for students as they build, disassemble and rebuild, in order to realise their visions.

Students from universities like Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU) are expected to join and leverage the FISCO BCOS platform.

WeBank is already a partner with NTU to jointly run a Fintech Research Centre to support Banking 4.0 innovations, and this platform shall further support these ambitions. Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium or FISCO is China’s first financial blockchain consortium comprising of over 100 enterprise members including WeBank, who use blockchain technology in use cases in the areas of finance, supply chains, amongst others.

“We seek to spur the next-generation talents into building viable solutions using blockchain to serve the general public,” said Henry Ma, EVP and CIO of WeBank. “Providing this open-source technology as a developer arena will also help us strengthen the stack of our technologies in the process while allowing for better products and services for the general public.”