Ushio Reinetsu cuts back on human-dependent tasks with Infor ERP

Ushio Reinetsu, a Japan-based provider of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems for ships, has rolled out Infor CloudSuite Industrial to further enhance competitiveness not only in Japan but also in the global market. 

Infor channel partner Realsoft helped with the implementation and operation, taking three months to deploy the solution which is expected to dramatically grow its after-sale services revenue pie in ship-repair handling. 

The solution will unify customer data and afford better business insights to ensure proactive support and increased customer satisfaction, attributes that are key to its data-driven management strategy.

Established in 1977, Ushio Reinetsu operates a global business focusing on the manufacture and sale of air conditioning, refrigeration systems and elevators for ships.

Currently, the company is working to drive digital transformation (DX) so that it can move away from business processes that are reliant on people and achieve data-driven management instead. 

To achieve this, Ushio Reinetsu had to build a platform for integrating information from the more than 500 Excel data files and individual software programs managed by its various departments.

Ushio Reinetsu chose Infor CloudSuite Industrial, which is used extensively in the discrete manufacturing industry, as its platform for driving DX. The deciding factors were not only centralisation of information, but also because it can enhance the company’s manufacturing operations and detailed customer support through easy and flexible configurations and connectivity with other systems.

Since going live last June, the system is being used in repair, customer and sales management, which are three processes underpinning the after-sales service business, with almost 100 repair jobs being digitised each day.

Reducing the number of human-dependent processes and improving efficiency helped the company respond to inquiries faster. It was also able to actively make proposals based on customer information, which led to a dramatic increase of sales in its after-sales service business.

By 2023, Ushio Reinetsu plans to expand the use of Infor CloudSuite Industrial to also include production, purchasing, and inventory management, financial accounting, and even human resources, and to globally establish business based on centralised information across all departments.