Telkomsel, Maxis dial up Google Cloud for generative AI push

Indonesia’s Telkomsel has forged a a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud to integrate enterprise-grade generative AI into its operations and core product offerings for consumers and businesses. 

At the same time, Maxis in Malaysia has expanded its own strategic collaboration with Google Cloud by integrating generative AI into its workflow and service offerings. 

Telkomsel’s move, which builds on its ongoing use of Google’s AI-powered advertising tools, aims to transform employee and customer interactions.

“Telkomsel hopes to unlock more opportunities for accelerating Indonesia’s economic and digital ecosystem growth through its integrations with Google Cloud’s advanced, secure-by-default, and private-by-design (generative) AI capabilities in 2024, as well as its continued collaborations with Google Ads, Android, and YouTube,” said Derrick Heng, chief marketing officer at Telkomsel.

Using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform and foundation models, Telkomsel has built a generative AI-powered conversational agent that is being integrated into its MOANA (Mobile Office Application and Automation) app used by more than 6,000 employees.

MOANA serves as a central hub for employees to complete HR-related tasks like requesting leave, accessing personal records, and reviewing payslips. It is also the source for company updates, policies, and resources. 

In addition, Telkomsel is turning to generative AI to assist its network planning, product development, and sales teams to transform network operations and strengthen digital inclusion in Indonesia. 

The company is embarking on a strategic initiative with Google Cloud to build a generative AI-powered solution that analyzes data from cell towers and fiber optic systems to deliver recommendations in natural language.

For its corporate clients, the search assistant on myEnterprise turns a centralized knowledge hub into an intelligent helpdesk, enabling B2B customers to proactively manage their accounts and make faster decisions. 

Built with support from Metrodata, this assistant helps them discover optimal mobile plans for their workforce, instantly compare product options, spot cost-saving opportunities, and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Mark Micallef, Google Cloud managing director in Southeast Asia, said that Telkomsel is “moving at impressive speed and scale” to make enterprise-grade generative AI accessible and useful to its employees and customers. 

“It is driving productivity, personalisation, and top-line growth by enabling people to comprehend information and find solutions to problems in highly intuitive ways,” said Micallef.

In Malaysia, Maxis will be working with Google Cloud to enable enterprise-grade generative AI within its internal and customer service environments, leveraging the Duet AI for Developers platform for AI-powered coding assistance in natural language, and multimodal capabilities from the Gemini models on the Vertex AI platform.

By integrating these platform capabilities, the company envisions improved internal processes, productivity gains, new operational insights, and enhanced customer behaviour modelling. 

“Embracing cutting-edge GenAI in our workplace not only automates processes but empowers employees to focus on strategic tasks while streamlining processes,” said Ng May Ching, CIO at Maxis.

“Through AI integration, we can enhance efficiency, elevate customer service with data-driven insights and foster continuous improvement,” said Ng.

Maxis will also be extending its generative AI learnings through the company’s flagship community programmes, eKelas Usahawan and eKelas, to upskill individuals and school students in an increasingly AI-driven world. 

Additionally, Maxis and Google Cloud will continue to develop applied generative AI solutions for data analytics and cybersecurity, and extend generative AI skilling opportunities and learnings to Maxis employees.