Syspro ERP dolls up La Belle Moi’s business processes

Philippines-based cosmetics firm La Belle Moi chose Syspro Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to help digitalise its expanding business.

In particular, Syspro ERP will help La Belle Moi in financials, inventory management and purchasing via Seven Rivers, Syspro’s business partner in the Philippines

La Belle Moi needed out-of-the-box and easy to use functionality in its choice of ERP system, which will help the cosmetics manufacturer to remove manual processes, and enable greater efficiencies and to improve accuracy of inventory, sales and distribution data.

The Syspro system is expected to provide visibility of unit costs, to ensure accuracy and to achieve better inventory management and performance in their operation. It will also help La Belle Moi to more easily manage their complex pricing, rebates and discount agreements.

La Belle Moi formulates, manufactures and delivers quality cosmetics, personal and home care products in the Philippines and competes with Japanese and Korean brands. 

The company does the full customisation and manufacturing process from planning a new product line, development of the formulation, packaging production as well as distribution and fulfilment.

“We were looking to solve a number of key challenges around data transparency, because there was a lot of human error and we were relying on multiple sources of information, often in Excel spreadsheets,” said Jovy Ting, general manager and owner of La Belle Moi. “What we needed was a single version of the truth in real time and this is what Syspro will provide us.”

Le Belle Moi’s initial investment with Syspro is preliminary and covers its financial and distribution requirements. Once they have successfully implemented phase one, La Belle Moi plans to implement Syspro’s full suite of manufacturing capabilities and will also replace the existing manufacturing operations management system as part of phase two.