Spire, SpaceChain team up for blockchain computation demo

Image courtesy of Spire Global

Spire Global and SpaceChain are launching a mission to demonstrate the feasibility of blockchain technology computation in space and resolve land-based centralised infrastructure issues.

Spire is a global provider of space-based data, analytics, and space services. SpaceChain is a global space-as-a-service solutions provider that is developing the world’s first decentralized satellite infrastructure (DSI).

Many in the blockchain industry have been working to reduce points of risk whereby a centralised administrator or authority can tamper with, or in the worst case, steal funds and data. 

One potential solution is to decentralise access by distributing data across multiple centres, countries, and continents. By deploying a solution in space, Spire and SpaceChain intend to maximise data security and increase the resiliency of computing operations.

SpaceChain has worked with all quarters of the ecosystem ranging from launch service providers, national space agencies, satellite manufacturers to data analytics startups.

The integration of blockchain and space technologies helps create a Decentralized Satellite Infrastructure (DSI) on which Decentralized Satellite Applications (DSA) can be built and run without the need for any land-based infrastructure.

“Space is the next frontier for businesses, and through Spire’s satellite infrastructure we are taking global collaboration to the ultimate vantage point,” said Zee Zheng, SpaceChain co-founder and CEO.

“This partnership will help us leverage satellite-based computing to remove barriers and create a more open, collaborative and global economy,” he said.

Spire will use its “Sabertooth” supercomputing module, the company’s fastest and most power-efficient embedded AI computing device, to fulfill a two-part mission with SpaceChain.

Initially, Spire will conduct an on-orbit upload of SpaceChain’s software to an existing satellite, before further building out SpaceChain’s capabilities via a payload on a new satellite, expected to be launched later this year.

“Space-based computation is already proving its value across countless industries and use cases, and we’re excited to help realise its potential for emerging and decentralised blockchains,” said Theresa Condor, EVP and general manager of Spire Space Services.