SodaStream ramps up marketing drive with cloud analytics

Sparkling water-maker SodaStream is accelerating its digital transformation with Qlik’s cloud analytics, to bring forward its efforts toward environmentally friendly drinks consumption.

SodaStream initially operated as a business-to-business enterprise, selling to third-party retailers that would then market its products in their own stores. 

The company has long factored environmental concerns into designing its closed-loop model, which saw consumers return used cylinders to retailers for cleaning and reuse at the product’s end of life. 

Seeking closer relationships with its customers, SodaStream decided in recent years to further its environmentally conscious impact by adding a Business-to-Consumer-led (B2C) approach.

By moving to Qlik for more advanced analytics capabilities, SodaStream is enabled to monitor and track data in real-time; empower teams with knowledge of consumer habits; optimise the company’s marketing efforts; and act as a leader in environmental drinks consumption.

“Say we have 50 million contacts, but perhaps I only want to communicate with those that have purchased our flavored products in the past two weeks to remind them these are recyclable,” said Yoed Negri, global head of digital transformation at SodaStream International. 

“Here, we are using Qlik to dynamically create audiences which feed further intelligence into our marketing automation platform,” said Negri.

Francisco Mateo-Sidron, Qlik SVP in Europe, Midlle East and Africa, said it’s particularly commendable that 78 billion single-use plastic bottles will have been saved by 2025 thanks to SodaStream.

“With Qlik, SodaStream employees are able to take advantage of company data in real-time, converting this into Active Intelligence to make better business decisions and keep educating consumers on how they can make more sustainable choices, without compromising on quality,” added Mateo-Sidron.