SingPost boosts customer onboarding with Boomi

Singapore Post (SingPost) has incorporated the Boomi platform to improve operational efficiency and speed customer onboarding to meet its digital transformation goals.

While the global logistics industry is expected to hit US$6.3 trillion in 2023, Asia’s e-commerce revenues alone are predicted to reach $1.92 trillion by 2024. 

SingPost serves 13 markets across 220 global destinations. With a goal of focusing on e-commerce parcel delivery locally and internationally, SingPost embarked on a digital transformation project, adopting advanced technology, including a customisable data integration platform and generative AI.

To modernise its business in the face of a complex supply chain landscape and improve customer satisfaction, SingPost needed a scalable and effective solution for data transformation and mapping, as well as integration and application programming interface (API) management.

Noel Singgih, Group CIO at SingPost, said that data is a cornerstone of their business as they use data to orchestrate the end-to-end e-commerce logistics delivery with customer experience at the top of their minds. 

“We need to ensure our customers are kept updated every step of the way, from the time they purchase an item online to when it is delivered to their doorstep,” said Singgih.

Ensuring data is available and actionable in real time was a crucial part of SingPost’s digital transformation goals. 

The company wanted to break down data silos, improve data governance, and shift away from duplicate and legacy systems to take advantage of market opportunities and fuel business growth. 

To accomplish this, SingPost needed a robust and reliable integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

“We needed a strategic integration platform for electronic data interchange (EDI) and API integration to provide agility and scalability for our businesses and seasonal demands,” said Singgih. 

“With the Boomi platform, we can now onboard our customers 75% quicker, from five to six weeks to under two weeks,” he added. “Our partnership with Boomi helps us improve visibility over our delivery and order fulfillment, making us more nimble and competitive to meet the needs of marketplaces and e-commerce retailers.”