Singapura Finance tags Tagit to ramp up CX

Image courtesy of Larry Teo

Singapura Finance will implement Mobeix Retail Banking and Mobeix Corporate Banking products using the Mobeix Digital Banking Engagement platform in partnership with Tagit.

Singaporeans are one of the most digitally-savvy users, and most of them prefer to use digital channels to perform their daily banking activities on internet and mobile banking.

Considering that, Singapura Finance will deploy digital technologies that reduce operational costs and reallocate cost savings to engage its customers productively.

”Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we have already started our digitalization efforts, searching for technological partners to further improve our customer engagement,” said Jamie Teo, CEO of Singapura Finance.

“Our digital initiatives will help us remain relevant and connect to the younger and tech-savvy customers,” said  Teo. “It will also help to streamline and enhance work processes, productivity and our customers’ experience.”

Singapura Finance expects to be enabled to provide digital offerings to their retail and corporate customers through a comprehensive suite of more than a hundred features on a scalable and secure platform.

Through this initiative, SFL is leveraging the digital platform to build foundational capabilities for customer needs in the future.

The company wants to provide improved customer experience through a seamless orchestration of services and true omnichannel UX, and personalized experiences based on customer insights leveraging the data analytics from the platform.

Also, with faster time-to-market, Singapura Finance can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.