Singapore taps Fortinet to beef up cyber defence

The Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT), a technical agency in the Ministry of Defence of Singapore, has allied with Fortinet to enhance its capabilities in several key areas.

A major focus of the collaboration is cyberthreat intelligence sharing. CSIT expects to benefit from FortiGuard Labs’ extensive knowledge of emerging threats, including indicators of compromise, insights into malicious campaigns, information on new attack vectors, and recommendations for defensive strategies. 

This information sharing will empower CSIT to actively identify and respond to cyberthreats, further protecting Singapore’s cyber resiliency.

Also, CSIT and Fortinet will collaborate on joint investigations, pooling their resources and expertise to analyze and address cybersecurity incidents effectively. This will enhance CSIT’s speed and accuracy of incident response.

Further, the partnership includes the use of shared telemetry data. This data can provide valuable insights into ongoing cyberthreats and trends, helping CSIT and Fortinet develop proactive security measures and help end users to adapt to evolving threats.

Jess Ng, Fortinet’s country head for Singapore and Brunei, said the landscape of cyberattacks is in a constant state of evolution. The severity of these threats is amplified by the proliferation of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) and the exploitation of 5G networks, particularly impacting critical infrastructure and industries crucial to nation-states. 

“Our collaboration with CSIT underscores our longstanding support of mission-critical public-private partnerships and commitment to sharing our extensive cybersecurity expertise to bolster Singapore’s digital defenses,” said Ng.

Tan Yi Zhao, deputy chief executive at the Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies, said collaboration with strategic partners such as Fortinet is key to fortifying our country’s cyber defences. 

“Our partnership with Fortinet not only strengthens our collective efforts to enhance Singapore’s cybersecurity but also underscores our commitment to staying ahead of evolving cyberthreats,” said Tan.