Scuderia Ferrari brings DXC onboard

Scuderia Ferrari, the racing division of the automaker, signed with DXC Technology a multi-year agreement to engineer the latest in automotive digital solutions, raising the performance and driving experience.

DXC brings together customised, end-to-end technology to provide engineering solutions that power the automotive industry, and is working with Ferrari on unified and scalable digital automotive solutions that modernises the vehicle information capabilities. 

This will enable a long-term software strategy that can be deployed in Ferrari sports cars produced from 2024 onwards.

DXC will bring together the latest proven technologies in Formula 1 with the latest in human machine interfaces (HMI). 

In addition, DXC’s logo now appears on the outer halo of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 cars, as well as on the driver race suit, helmet, and other materials.

Michael Corcoran, global lead of DXC Analytics & Engineering, said they have been working with Ferrari for several years on their essential infrastructure.

DXC recognises that automotive software development is increasingly important with the change to software-defined vehicles because it improves the in-car experience and connects the driver to the automotive manufacturer. 

“DXC Technology already provides ICT infrastructures and human machine interfaces for Ferrari’s critical systems, and we will explore further software asset management solutions in the future,” said Lorenzo Giorgetti, chief racing revenue officer at Ferrari.