Qlik seeks Solace to enhance real-time data delivery

Qlik, a provider of real-time data integration and analytics solutions, has selected Solace PubSub+ Platform to meet their solution’s real-time event distribution needs.

As Qlik’s cloud service has experienced a significant year-over-year growth, Qlik needed to optimise its event platform with a low latency solution. Qlik approached Solace and chose their PubSub+ Platform to meet its growing needs.

“The real-time, reliable distribution of events within Qlik’s distributed system is a critical component of our solution and enables Qlik’s customers to move faster and work smarter so we needed to make sure our solution is built on the best event-driven architecture platform available,” said Mike Potter, CTO of Qlik.

“That’s why when it came time to revisit our solution’s data distribution framework, we chose Solace and their PubSub+ platform,” said Potter.

After a rigorous evaluation and proof of concept, Qlik selected PubSub+ Platform because it best met their performance criteria and they found it easy to deploy in a variety of environments. The Solace solution was purchased on a subscription basis from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

“We realised Solace’s EDA platform offers the next-generation features, functionality and performance we need to best serve our customers, especially in high fanout scenarios, which has given us the ability to future-proof our solution by being able to handle 50 times our current event load out-of-the-box,” added Potter.

With PubSub+ Platform as part of their SaaS offering, Qlik can expect to ensure a consistent, low-latency experience for their clients. Further, migrating to PubSub+ promises to enable Qlik to significantly scale while still meeting their latency requirement.

“We share Qlik’s vision of helping organizations make better use of more timely data,” said Bill Jackes, Solace SVP in the Americas.

Qlik is actively rolling out Solace to their commercial and FedRAMP clients and will continue to expand their deployment throughout 2024.