► Mapping technology needs to business outcomes

This podcast is sponsored by Cisco, Equinix and Fujitsu.

In an era where just about every large enterprise is becoming a part-time IT company, identifying and focusing on the core business remains a vital part of being competitive. Fortunately, “plug-in” and pay-per-use models are gaining popularity in the enterprise tech sector, and this allows enterprises to consume catalogues of services from IT service providers without bearing the burden of a large IT cost center.

Is a “best of all worlds” model possible, where businesses that know their trade inside out bring the right IT components to the table in close consultation with service providers, without large upfront costs? Danny Smolders – Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, Japan & China / SD-WAN, Cisco; William Lim – Technology Alliance Director, Asia Pacific, Equinix; and Tan Mui Cheng – Head, Cloud Services – Fujitsu Asia join us again as the Power of 3 walks us through these issues.