PLDT, Charoen Pokphand bring digital tech to Philippine farms

PLDT Enterprise, the corporate business arm of PLDT, is teaming up with Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) Philippines, itself a subsidiary of Thai conglomerate, Charoen Pokphand Group.

This collaboration leverages PLDT’s connectivity and digital solutions to foster operational efficiency, business continuity, and climate resiliency in the aqua and agro-industry sectors. 

By integrating PLDT Enterprise’s cutting-edge digital solutions, CPF Philippines aims to revolutionise its operations across the nation, ensuring quality and efficiency from cultivation to distribution.

PLDT Enterprise will equip CPF Philippines with an array of advanced digital solutions, including enterprise broadband for seamless and reliable connectivity across aquatic farms, iGate Premium Circuits for robust data handling in feed mills and large-scale operations, and Metro E-WAN for secure internal communications. 

Additionally, the integration of SD-WAN will fortify the internal network infrastructure, ensuring optimal security and efficiency.

CPF Philippines will also be using PLDT Enterprise’s solutions such as Smart Bro and Smart Postpaid to enhance business communication and connectivity across CPF Philippines’ vast network of operations.

“Through this collaboration, we are set to enhance our operational capabilities, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability for our products,” said Park Kitchaichankul, AVP of CPF Philippines. 

CPF Philippines also uses VITRO Clark, a data centre facility operated by a subsidiary of PLDT’s ICT arm, ePLDT. 

Colocating in VITRO data centres ensures CPF Philippines secure data handling and storage, guaranteeing seamless operations and business continuity across its nationwide network.