Petronas loads up OutSystems to fuel low-code app development

Petronas Digital (PDSB) has entered into a memorandum of understanding with OutSystems to promote and accelerate the use of low-code app development in Petronas Group.

Through this partnership, OutSystems will provide training materials, research, and other know-how processes on the usage of its low-code platform for Petronas’ Citizen Developer Program. 

Citizen developers are employees with little to no coding experience who create applications with low-code platforms. This democratises the development process and empowers the organisation to pursue technology-based innovation.

OutSystems will provide Petronas with best practice tools, methodologies, and technical practices to facilitate the adoption of the platform. OutSystems will also award certifications to new developers who have demonstrated the ability to use its platform effectively.

According to a new AWS-commissioned research released by Gallup in February 2023, workers with advanced digital skills will add US$107.5 billion (MYR170.2 billion) to Malaysia’s annual GDP. 

Malaysian organisations running on the cloud are more likely to have introduced a new, innovative product in the last two years, but 85% are facing hiring issues for software development skillset. 

OutSystems’ low-code platform can help organisations close the skills gap they need to drive productivity, cost efficiencies, and business innovation.

Aadrin Azly, Petronas VP of group technology and commercialisation, said the low-code technology will enable their people to create new applications faster, also enabling Petronas to continually unlock new value for the organisation.

“As the world continues to encounter a shortage of developers, low-code technology allows individuals and businesses to streamline their processes and develop solutions faster,” said Paulo Rosado, founder and CEO of OutSystems.