Parkway Pantai, Accredify help Singapore outbound travel with digital swab results

Photo courtesy of Changi Airport

Parkway Pantai in partnership with Accredify will issue digital tamper-proof COVID-19 swab results to travellers in Singapore, who must obtain such results before travel out of Singapore is granted.

Parkway Pantai is Singapore’s largest private integrated healthcare provider and is parent company to four private hospitals, ancillary medical services and Parkway Shenton, a primary care network with more than 60 clinics across the island.

Parkway Shenton will be the first healthcare provider in Singapore to issue verifiable digital travel credentials to travellers. By the end of October, at least 23 of Parkway Shenton’s clinics will begin the issuance of digital COVID-19 test results. Discussions are currently underway to integrate Accredify’s technology into Parkway Pantai’s healthcare networks in the overseas markets where it operates.

Currently, COVID-19 test results are issued as physical documents by most healthcare providers. However, digital COVID-19 swab results are able to enable a smoother travel process for outbound travellers, immigration authorities, and airlines with its interoperability and ease of authentication.

In addition, digital travel credentials such as Parkway’s verifiable COVID-19 swab result are based on frameworks which Accredify co-created with GovTech Singapore, and have datafields that are aligned to physical result certificates currently issued by healthcare providers.

Upon receiving their digital test results, travellers can choose to store and access swab results sent by Parkway’s healthcare providers in Accredify’s mobile app – the free-to-use Digital Health Passport co-developed with SGInnovate. To verify a digital COVID-19 record on-site, travellers can access the document in the app and present the record’s unique QR code to immigration authorities for immediate verification.

As such, digital travel credentials issued by Accredify and Parkway are in line with international standards and the Singapore government’s requirements, making them internationally recognisable.

Digital COVID-19 swab results issued using Accredify’s system are tamper-proof and easily verifiable. By leveraging on blockchain technology, an individual’s test results can be easily traced to authorised healthcare providers, allowing authorities to easily determine the authenticity of an individual’s COVID-19 health status.

“Through this partnership, together with our ParkwayHealth Laboratory, we continue to contribute to Singapore’s COVID-19 efforts by not only lending travellers added convenience, but also offering those who do their pre-departure tests with Parkway Shenton a greater level of confidence and assurance in the veracity of their COVID-19 test results,’ said Edmund Kwok, CEO of Parkway Shenton.