Pacific Textiles taps Rimini to weave improved key systems

Pacific Textiles has selected Rimini Street to support its highly customised, mission-critical S/4HANA implementation, the backbone of their manufacturing operations.

Rimini Street’s software support has enabled Pacific Textiles to achieve significant reduction of IT costs, freeing resources to focus on projects and investments for competitive growth and advantage, including the move to a new data lake architecture.

Pacific Textiles makes customised knitted fabric, and its products are used in the production of over a billion garments each year. 

The Hong Kong-based company collaborates closely with apparel brands to design fabrics that meet customised orders, delivering more than 3,000 new samples for its customers each month.

Also, Pacific Textiles heavily relies on SAP software to run its business including sales order entry, production planning, material procurement and many other critical ERP functions.

“When we purchased SAP, the closest product we were offered to fit our needs was the Mill Products industry solution, traditionally used for paper products and steel manufacturing,” said Hubert Tsang, CIO of Pacific Textiles.

“Obviously, textiles didn’t fit quite well into that, so we required an extensive number of customisations,” said Tsang.

He said SAP support was helpful during initial implementation, but the service quality deteriorated after that and became a slow, cumbersome process. 

“With standard SAP support, we’d submit a ticket, wait a while for them to process it, go back and forth, then wait endlessly for a resolution,” said Tsang. “Ultimately, we were only able to solve most of our problems by spending more on SAP professional services.”

Frustrated with the quality, speed and cost of vendor support for S/4HANA, Pacific Textiles began searching for a third-party support provider and quickly chose Rimini Street because of the company’s size, scalability and enterprise-grade capabilities. 

In addition, Rimini Street was the only option that offered Pacific Textiles the multi-language support they required as a global business.