Optus debuts Google Cloud solution in ANZ telco space

Optus engaged Google Cloud in a three-year partnership to enhance the telco’s customer support transformation through its Contact Center AI (CCAI) solution. 

Optus will be the first telecommunications provider in the ANZ region to use this technology from Google Cloud, and the partnership is said to have already resulted in a reduction in customer resolution times. 

Optus’ digital self-service tools handle 84% percent of all customer service enquiries, and this strategic initiative also sees Optus working closely with Google Cloud AI experts to provide customers with personalised experiences and build advanced customised solutions. 

By using CCAI to support customers in reaching dedicated support teams 24/7 via messaging and eventually voice services, Optus will streamline customer access to support, removing barriers such as complicated phone menus and complex routing. 

This is made possible thanks to Google Cloud’s enhanced natural language recognition technology, alongside faster processing and real-time access to customer insights, to enable shorter call times, faster resolutions, and a more natural and streamlined experience for customers. 

With the digitisation of interactions through CCAI, Optus is able to better analyse and continuously improve its customer service model. 

For live agent experiences, Google Cloud CCAI Agent Assist powers a real-time digital assistant that gathers relevant articles within the knowledge base and recommends personalised responses, enabling Optus customer care experts to get to the root of customer queries faster with the right answer. 

“Google Cloud’s technologies allow us to blend digital and human experiences, which has been transformative for our customers,” said Vaughan Paul, Optus VP for digital consumer. “It’s all about being more proactive, leveraging data insights and truly understanding our customers to deliver world class service.”