NTT, SAP fuse to push smart enterprise

NTT and SAP have entered into a  strategic alliance that creates a holistic partnership, in which both companies serve as each other’s customers, suppliers and co-innovators.

The deeper relationship enables SAP and NTT to leverage their best capabilities and expertise to deliver solutions that help companies transform into intelligent enterprises.

The strategic alliance creates a new era of digitally connected global value chains and intends to deliver solutions that will support a remote and connected world.

The two partners will incorporate SAP’s intelligent technologies — the Internet of Things, edge computing and machine learning, to name a few — with NTT’s suite of information and communications technology (ICT) and hybrid cloud capabilities worldwide. 

These connected value chain solutions, which NTT and SAP will look to co-innovate and jointly go-to-market with, will result in a more unified and automated collaboration across customers, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers. A digitally connected value chain will help improve performance, transform the customer experience and enable new business models.

“By redefining our global partnership with SAP, we are taking a significant step toward realising a wholly digitalised society,” NTT President and CEO Jun Sawada said. “Our joint go-to-market initiatives will also benefit both companies with optimised service offerings.”

SAP CEO Christian Klein said that more than ever, companies see the need to transform their businesses not only within their company walls but also across their networks. 

“Based on our solutions, services and shared focus on customer success, NTT and SAP will help companies around the globe achieve greater resiliency and agility,” said Klein.

NTT has selected SAP as its strategic digital transformation partner for its global group of companies. NTT plans to automate a series of operations as well as advance the group’s management ability through standardising business processes and enabling data-driven business execution by adopting SAP S/4HANA and SAP Ariba solutions.

SAP has selected NTT as one of its global strategic suppliers to provide a range of services, including infrastructure managed services, application development and consulting, to help SAP support cloud computing solutions for its customers. 

Additionally, working with NTT, SAP expects to lower operational costs by simplifying and enhancing the network efficiency of the multiple corporate networks of companies acquired by SAP.