Northern Territory Government picks Area9 for data centre service

Photo by Taylor Vick

Area9 in Australia has signed a 10-year data centre service contract with the Government of the Northern Territory, for the provision of a secure secondary data centre service to connect to the latter’s network.

This is the first time the Northern Territory Government will source co-location services outside of government facilities.

The contract is estimated to be valued at approximately $7 million over the term of the agreement.

“This contract recognises Area9’s capability as a leading territory ICT service provider, the Secure Data Centres’ exceptional facility and encapsulates an important commitment from the Northern Territory Government in terms of partnering with the private sector,” Area9 director Simon Watt said.

“It is also an important endorsement of Area9’s capability to deliver against the robust governance and security requirements of the Northern Territory Government,” Watt said.

He said the government has recognised the importance of local industry investment over many years and clearly understood the role that government in the Territory has to play in supporting the growth of this important industry sector, when and where it can.

“It also demonstrates the capability for Territory industry to contest with and win against some of the larger service providers nationally,” Watt said. “I’d like to commend Minister (Lauren) Moss, Kathleen Robinson, Chris Hosking and their team at the Department Corporate and Information Services for their dedication to the process which involved extensive due diligence phase and detailed contractual negotiations.”