Nomura Research Institute moves SaaS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Photo by Louie Martinez

Japan-based consulting and IT solutions provider Nomura Research Institute (NRI) has moved its SaaS application BESTWAY to Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, a self-contained, cloud region site located in NRI’s own data centre.

BESTWAY is a mission-critical mutual fund application used by more than 110 companies, including large banks, trust banks, regional banks, asset management firms, and life and general insurance firms.

Using Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, NRI can meet its security and latency requirements, and maintain complete control of its data management and financial governance. 

Following a fast and seamless migration from its previous dedicated environment on its own private cloud, NRI has been able to leverage Oracle’s public cloud to improve the performance and availability of BESTWAY and shifts its private cloud resources to other strategic areas. 

The combination of shifted resources and access to Oracle’s complete suite of cloud services and tools has allowed NRI to invest more in its digital transformation efforts and bring greater business value to its customers.

As part of the first phase of the migration to Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, NRI moved BESTWAY from its previous private cloud environment, and the service has become available to customers since July 2021.

“We are committed to continuously improving our financial services portfolio and delivering ever more business value to our customers,” said Hiroshi Koike, senior managing director, Financial Solutions Division, NRI.

“By using Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer to support BESTWAY, we have been able to seamlessly migrate to a cloud architecture and ensure that we can maintain a high level of financial control to meet the SOC2 and FISC standards requirements,” said Koike.

Also delivered through NRI’s data centre is Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, which provides BESTWAY with greater agility, enabling seamless expansion to meet business and customer demand, and offers high availability and access to advanced security features including encryption. 

As Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is deployed in NRI’s own data centre, it enables NRI to meet demanding regulatory, data sovereignty, and application latency requirements, including providing SOC2 reports based on Japanese security standards in financial industries. 

“Few industries are developing as fast and are more demanding in terms of regulation, security, and speed as the financial services industry,” said Clay Magouyrk, EVP of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

“With our Dedicated Region, NRI can continue to increase the level of business value delivered to its customers more quickly and easier than ever before, while maintaining stringent levels of control and governance,” said Magouyrk.