Nokia Bell Labs rings Keysight for 5G-Advanced, 6G tech

Nokia Bell Labs chose Keysight’s sub-Terahertz (THz) test bed to verify the performance of 5G advanced and 6G transceiver (TRX) modules. 

Modules to be tested use the radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) technology, including power amplifiers, transceivers, and antennas on a glass substrate, needed to support the extreme data throughput and reliable backhaul transmission requirements of 5G advanced and 6G. 

Nokia selected Keysight technology to accelerate research and development critical to supporting 5G-Advanced and 6G use cases that leverage millimeter wave (mmWave) and sub-terahertz frequency spectrum to wirelessly transmit large amounts of data across short distances. 

Keysight’s 6G test bed was chosen to verify, under both linear and nonlinear conditions, the performance of TRX modules, power amplifiers, and antennas. 

Nokia designed these network infrastructure components by leveraging complex modulation technology and spectrum in D-Band (110 GHz to 170 GHz) and E-Band (60 GHz to 90 GHz).

Nokia Bell Labs and Keysight are jointly developing capabilities that deliver seamless, secure, and safe end-user experiences built on networks that use a mix of connectivity solutions.

Keysight combines signal generation and analysis tools with vector signal analysis software and over-the-air measurement expertise to enable designers of transceivers, front-end modules, and antennas to generate and measure wide-bandwidth signals with unparalleled fidelity.

Peter Vetter, Nokia Bell Labs Core Research President,  said working with Keysight enables us to make significant progress in developing next-generation wireless technology. 

“Cross-industry collaborations are important in co-innovating technology that merges physical, digital, and human domains to create immersive experiences that support meaningful interactions,” said Vetter.

Giampaolo Tardioli, VP for 6G and Next Generation Technology at Keysight, said their partnership with Nokia to design technology across multiple domains supports their common goal of realising sustainable solutions that underpin a ubiquitous connectivity fabric built on 5G-Advanced and 6G communications.

Shahriar Shahramian, RFIC and Packaging Lab Leader at Nokia Bell Labs, said they rely on Keysight’s design, validation, and optimisation solutions, as well as measurement science expertise, to reach the levels of performance necessary to fulfill the promise of many 6G use cases. 

“Keysight’s 6G sub-THz test bed enables Nokia to verify error vector magnitude (EVM) performance, which is foundational to high data throughput in TRX modules that support higher-order modulation formats,” said Shahramian.