MOL picks Informatica for core system update

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), one of the world’s largest shipping companies, has chosen Informatica to help simplify and accelerate the customer’s core system modernisation project.

As MOL needed to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing market conditions, the need for driving insights and analytics for better business outcomes became more paramount. 

MOL was looking to reduce costs and manual workloads associated with maintaining and operating an on-premises system and decided to move its mission-critical workloads and data to a new multi-cloud environment for agility and cost efficiency. 

The customer was also looking to seamlessly connect its enterprise systems and enterprise resource applications including SAP S/4HANA, business intelligence system and data across business functions such as finance, planning and operation to leverage high-quality, trusted data for decision making.

MOL has chosen Informatica’s AI-powered Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) platform and specifically IDMC’s Cloud Data Integration and Cloud Application Integration services as its new SaaS/iPaaS platform. 

With IDMC’s simple, low-code/no-code development environment, MOL was able to intelligently scale its data integration and transformation in its modernisation journey and eliminate data silos to empower users to drive greater visibility of data across different business functions including finance, sales, shipping operation and back-office operations to maintain consistent and trusted real-time data. 

The aim is to link diverse systems and use data held by various departments to increase sales, reduce costs and enhance corporate value.

“Informatica’s cloud data integration and cloud application integration solutions on IDMC played an integral role in our digital transformation, enabling a new robust core system to be built where multiple mission-critical enterprise applications are connected in near real-time to drive analytics and insights for ship and vessel operations and business management,” said Ryoji Mitani, group executive officer of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines.

Mitani said MOL has formulated a group management plan BLUE ACTION 2035, with digital transformation as the goal of supporting MOL’s aspiration of becoming a leading company in solving sustainability issues such as GHG emissions with the power of digital technology. 

The core system, Informatica’s IDMC used as the data management layer, serves as a foundation to promote our digital transformation,” he said. “With Informatica, we expect to accelerate further digitalisation efforts to optimize business processes and strengthen our competitiveness.”