MIM Software, GenesisCare team up to improve cancer treatment

Image supplied by MIM Software

MIM Software has partnered with GenesisCare, a global provider of integrated cancer care, to improve cancer patient outcomes by augmenting the Radiation Oncology and Molecular Therapy treatment planning ecosystem.

GenesisCare’s clinical teams treat more than 400,000 patients at more than 440 locations for cancer treatment in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Spain.

“Our partnership with GenesisCare exemplifies MIM Software’s commitment to delivering scalable technologies and solutions that can support, sustain, and impact patients’ lives on a global scale,” said Andy Nelson, CEO of MIM Software.

MIM Software will supply, implement, and support MIM Premier, MIM SurePlan MRT, and a comprehensive set of automation and AI platforms across all of GenesisCare’s global treatment centers. 

The partnership leans on GenesisCare’s vision of optimising and automating treatment delivery to a high level, for which it will leverage MIM Software’s expertise and imaging technologies to drive data empowered decisions.

“Providing a technology uplift on such a scale opens the door to continuous access to collaborative innovations that patients can benefit from almost instantaneously, regardless of where they are geographically located,” said Kanak Chatterjee, VP of business development at MIM Software.

Keith Hansen, chief strategy and corporate development officer at GenesisCare, said that in the past 18 months they have invested significant time and capital in upgrading and installing innovative treatment technologies in their centres across the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Spain. 

“By implementing MIM Software into our clinics, we will be able to fully realise the benefits of these advanced technologies and provide highly advanced stereotactic treatment techniques that deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients,” said Hansen.