Medtronic rolls out remote training platform in Singapore 

Healthcare tech firm Medtronic has launched the Medtronic Customer eXperience Center (MCXC) in Singapore, leveraging innovative healthcare technologies across extended reality (XR), augmented and virtual realities, and robotics, to connect the global healthcare community from anywhere, at any time.

A first for Medtronic in Asia, MCXC’s network capabilities will bring together healthcare professionals (HCPs) from around the world to ideate, share, and learn through state-of-the-art virtual technologies. 

The facility also provides them with access to immersive learning experiences, round-the-clock remote training, and future healthcare technologies and innovation.

Medtronic chairman and CEO Geoff Martha said technology and innovation are the only ways to address today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment. 

“Our focus on addressing unmet patient needs through the application of biomedical engineering, and our collaboration with clinicians across Asia, will only be strengthened through the new Customer Experience Center,” Martha said.

“I look forward to the ongoing partnership with Singapore, as the region continues to gain momentum as a healthcare hub for Asia,” he said. “Together, we can deliver on the Medtronic Mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life for millions – across Singapore, Asia, and the world.”

Goh Wan Yee, SVP and head of healthcare at Singapore Economic Development Board, said the new facility puts Singapore in a strong position to serve as an important medical education node for the region, while also creating exciting job roles for Singaporeans.

The 22,000 square-foot MCXC will act as a one-stop healthcare technology hub for HCPs around the world to receive training on advanced innovation and medical treatment procedures.

One example is MCXC’s remote XR cardiac training platform, which presents simulation through virtual technologies, giving HCPs an immersive experience on the latest medical devices firsthand without the need to be physically present.

The virtual hands-on training will also provide HCPs with access to knowledge sharing resources and opportunities that are focused on skills improvement and capabilities building, resulting in better patient outcome in the digital age.

Lavie Golenberg, director and head of MCXC, said the facility is their first-ever customer experience centre and Singapore’s focus on the development of medtech, together with its infrastructure and support for companies establishing their presence in the country makes it an ideal location for such innovation centres. 

“MCXC aims to spearhead industry-wide efforts to harness leading-edge healthcare technologies for better patient outcomes,” Golenberg said.