Maxeon goes for cloud security with Zscaler platform

Maxeon Solar Technologies, manufacturer of solar cell and panels with a presence in over 100 countries, is leveraging the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange cloud security platform to deliver seamless, secure access for its workforce and to accelerate its digital transformation initiatives.

Stemming from its divestiture from US-based SunPower, Maxeon required a future-ready integrated security services edge (SSE) platform to provide secure, direct access to critical business applications for its 5,000 global employees and seamlessly add new security services as their organisation scaled.

Stephen Gani, CISO at Maxeon, said they had to make sure Maxeon maintained business continuity while ensuring our employees, applications and data remained secure.

“The divestiture was in progress during the pandemic, so our immediate concern was protecting our sensitive data and employees who were working from a variety of remote locations from the growing set of sophisticated threats – ransomware, zero-day malware, and other advanced attacks,” said Gani.

As its initial steps in its zero trust and SSE journey, Maxeon deployed Zscaler Internet Access solution for fast direct-to-cloud web access, inline traffic inspection, and security that moves with users, regardless of where they work. 

The team also added Zscaler Cloud Data Loss Prevention solution into its security stack to gain visibility into data across all internet and encrypted SSL traffic and to enable data discovery across users, applications, content types, and file types.

To help ensure an optimal user experience regardless of location, Maxeon also implemented Zscaler Digital Experience solution, an integrated service in the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, across its global offices. 

With Zscaler Digital Experience, Maxeon’s IT team was able to quickly diagnose and remediate quality of service issues between users and applications at speed to maintain a seamless user experience and ensure business continuity.

With the portfolio of solutions on hand, Maxeon enabled safe and reliable access to the web and SaaS apps post-divestiture, eliminating the need for a high-maintenance data centre and associated costs, as well as improving and securing the user experience for its global workforce of 5,000.

Scott Robertson, Zscaler SVP in Asia Pacific and Japan, said that balancing cybersecurity, employee experience and cost efficiencies remains a challenge for most organisations. 

“With a growing list of products and solutions available in the market, it can be a daunting task for IT teams to decipher what they truly need and implement the right solutions to achieve this balancing act,” said Robertson.