Managed Infrastructure for Digital Transformation Goals

This article is sponsored by Cisco, Equinix and Fujitsu.

Image courtesy of Fujitsu.

Through Fujitsu’s deep digital experience, two other powers (Equinix and Cisco) for data-driven business intelligence and operations are integrated seamlessly. On top of this global fabric of virtualized ecosystems, Fujitsu provides exemplary consultation to Power of 3 adopters to not just accept ‘general best practices’ but to co-create a “best-fit” digital foundation — one that is tailored specifically to each organisation’s unique requirements and strategies.

Leveraging the advanced data centre and connectivity technology solutions contributed by Equinix, Fujitsu builds a foundation for private, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions. This virtual fabric seamlessly connects partners to network service providers, cloud service providers, global resources, and clients through robust on-ramps to form connectable ecosystems. With such ecosystems worldwide capable of interconnecting among each other to collaborate, digital possibilities become limitless and empowering.

Fujitsu then melds Cisco’s vast portfolio of innovative technology to deliver SD-WAN-based resources out to the compute edge, customers, and global teams securely. By combining the right multi-cloud, collaboration, and security tools Fujitsu empowers teams in the office, working from home, or both—to collaborate productively while overcoming the lack of physical interactions. Furthermore, Cisco’s renowned experience in security is natively built into the connectivity and team collaboration solutions—with no compromises to productivity.

Completingthe 3-way co-creation processes are Fujitsu’s Managed Infrastructure, Applications Management Services, Digital Workplace Solutions and Security Services. Through these strategic managed services, Fujitsu works closely with customers who embark on the digital transformation (DX) journey to co-create highly tailored automation and collaboration frameworks focused on driving additional value for every business.

For example, Fujitsu’s Application Management Services, combined with vertical solutions from Cisco and Equinix, ensure that all ecosystem users can develop applications with the right mix of cost, performance and availability. An application-out approach helps alleviate artificial lock-in and data gravity issues by removing restrictions on where data and applications must run. With this new freedom and flexibility, application development can be even more agile and predictive to adapt to ever-changing markets scenarios.

A Globally Distributed Service

To address the challenges of managing distributed workforces, Fujitsu’s Digital Workplace Services ensure all remote-work goals are met. Fujitsu’s best-fit philosophy helps all users of the system to effectively adopt new technology, new workflows and new collaboration opportunities throughout the digital transformation (DX) journey. In possessing deep experience and broad expertise when providing consultation and managed services, Fujitsu eases the challenges of major transformations through a holistic approach to facilitating technology adoption.

Additionally, with a globally distributed platform in place, the last mile becomes the delivery point to users. Working within the Power of 3 ecosystem, Fujitsu helps to identify users’ requirements and design collaboration solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of individual groups.

Finally, Fujitsu’s Security Services provide global access to the network infrastructure to any user who has been properly identified and secured. Security is natively enforced—from the user end-points to the applications running on- and off-premise. The Power of 3 integrates the latest defense-in-depth and zero trust practices to verify identities and network access across a globally distributed virtual network.

In summary, the Power of 3 ecosystem leads to best-fit digital transformation and the following unique benefits:

  • Managed Infrastructure Services are customised to each organisation’s individual requirements and aspirations. A philosophy of “best-fit” transformation, instead of one-size-fits-all general best-practices, allows organisations to co-create sustainable digital success and resilience with Fujitsu.
  • Application Management Services empower all stakeholders and ecosystems to make full use of the managed infrastructure to innovate, solve problems, adopt new technology and gain digital agility to pivot responsively and proactively to ever-changing business climates.
  • Data Driven Services are used to maximise management foresight and effectiveness, and provide predictive analytical intelligence that boosts innovation, competitiveness and agility.
  • Digital Workplace Services and Security Services optimize distributed workforces to enhance team collaboration regardless of work location and devices used. Tight privileged access management and zero trust frameworks protect the entire network without reducing productivity.
  • On a global scale, business-driven digital ecosystems based on the Power of 3 paradigm can interconnect for ad hoc collaborations anytime, anywhere,to foster innovation, explore and create new markets; and co-create digital trust, resilience and diversity.