Lenovo turbocharges Formula One’s tech-to-track infrastructure and performance

Lenovo’s commitment to high-performance computing provides cutting-edge and competitive advantage to Formula One in its biggest season ever.

Image courtesy of Lenovo

Named Official Partner of the 2022 season by Formula One earlier this year, Lenovo is proud to provide a wide suite of technology solutions to make every aspect of the race experience seamless and superlative.

Lenovo is delivering high-performance computing and data storage at speed and scale to help F1 achieve real insights faster by providing reliable, end-to-end solutions that can instantly scale with demand while helping manage the infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

With the help of Lenovo’s devices and data infrastructure technologies, F1 infrastructure is being transformed to be more reliable and resolve mission critical tasks faster. These tasks include running powerful on-premises data collection solutions, producing higher quality content and providing actionable insights in real-time, enabling F1 to better connect with fans anytime, anywhere.

F1 and IT infrastructure – it’s all about high performance

In F1, mission control, the principal, and the pit stop all must collect and analyze data within milliseconds to make those mission-critical decisions and ensure podium success. To achieve this, teams must turn to the highest performing technology.

By incorporating the best technologies available, Lenovo is designing and developing systems focused on performance, reliability and speed to deliver accurate answers to clients like F1 in the fastest and most reliable way possible. Lenovo’s Smarter Technologies put data at its core to ensure that decisions at the trackside are calibrated to guarantee top performance. Moreover, Lenovo also offers its Professional Services, where F1 can rely on its architects and consultants to design, deploy, provide advice, and perform periodic health checks on their deployed Lenovo solutions.

Sumir Bhatia, President, AP, Lenovo ISG said, “F1 is the pinnacle of sporting competition where technology has the largest impact between a podium finish and being milliseconds off the podium. With performance at the core of F1, building a matching IT infrastructure with smarter mission control is paramount to ensuring success. Lenovo’s devices, workstations, servers, and infrastructure solutions provide the power behind the high-performance workloads that turn innovative insights into game-changing actions, inventions, solutions, and products. While the goal for F1 may be to win, for us, it’s to deliver accurate answers to our clients in the fastest, most reliable way possible through our infrastructure solutions.”

Driving smarter decisions

The power behind Lenovo’s high-performance computing servers is the AMD EPYC™ processors. Together, Lenovo and AMD are developing platforms that make innovation faster and easier, while ensuring sustainability goals are met.

In a sport like Formula 1, teams must make use of technology that can give them a competitive edge and split-second decision can make or break a situation. It’s important to have the right IT infrastructure stack in place. Lenovo’s High Performance Computing solutions running on AMD EPYC™ processors are supporting smarter decision by removing manual interventions that will intelligently automate decision-making to a large extent. This helps to base decisions on sound, data-driven insights. 

Kumaran Siva, Corporate Vice President, Strategic Business Development, AMD commented, “Formula 1 has a long-standing tradition of being at the forefront of technology; from hybrid engines that deliver mind-blowing thermal efficiency to high-tech sensors that deliver and process data to inform split-second decisions, F1 teams are consistently dedicated to improving performance and efficiency in all aspects. Having driven innovation in high-performance computing for more than 50 years, AMD is well positioned to provide the technology needed for F1 teams to face the future of racing as competitively as possible. AMD EPYC™ processors, the world’s highest performing x86 server processor[1], will provide the performance and efficiency advantage needed by F1 teams to achieve success.”

[1] MLN-016B: Results as of 07/06/2021 using SPECrate®2017_int_base. The AMD EPYC 7763 scored 854, http://spec.org/cpu2017/results/res2021q3/cpu2017-20210622-27664.html which is higher than all other 2P scores published on the SPEC® website. SPEC®, SPECrate® and SPEC CPU® are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. See www.spec.org for more information.