Lenovo introduces new endpoint management tools to improve IT efficiencies and better secure devices in the hybrid workplace

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Lenovo today announced the launch of two software services designed to simplify endpoint management for IT administrators juggling multiple priorities. Introducing Lenovo™ Deployment Assistant (LDA) and Lenovo Manageability Commander (LMC), separate solutions that integrate with Microsoft and Intel technology, respectively, to better support in-house IT teams in remotely accessing, managing, and better securing their fleet of Lenovo PCs.

Redefining simplicity in endpoint management with Lenovo Deployment Assistant

Lenovo Deployment Assistant (LDA) simplifies administrators’ daily routines, enabling them to add content to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager in a straightforward and automated way. LDA streamlines the process of pushing out system updates to remote devices for IT administrators, reducing what once could take days for large fleets to mere hours.1

With the percentage of permanent remote workers expected to double by the end of 20212 and an expectation that 31 percent of the worldwide workforce will be remote or hybrid by 20223, companies are having to quickly adapt to the changing landscape. With more employees working in various locations and using a variety of devices that blur the boundaries between business and personal, security risks continue to increase.

Ideal for any company already using Lenovo’s System Update, Dock Manager, and Commercial Vantage software solutions, LDA can help IT administrators reduce the complexities associated with remote configuration management by automating large-scale firmware updates and system patches. LDA can also be used to monitor the health of endpoint devices and help diagnose hardware failures from a remote location.

Accessibility on command with Lenovo Manageability Commander

Beyond configuration and updates, companies need to be able to remotely access their devices individually to provide on-demand repairs, remove sensitive data and block network access if compromised. Lenovo Manageability Commander (LMC) is a cloud-provisioned endpoint management console that unites DASH standards and the Intel vPro platform to enable both in-band and out-of-band access capabilities (including remote boot and control).

Through integration with Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel(r) EMA), IT admins can use LMC to easily connect to remote devices powered by Intel Core™ vPro(R) processors, whether they are inside or outside the firewall, connected via WiFi or wired Ethernet, or even if they have an inoperable operating system. This tool gives administrators the access they need to remotely and more securely monitor, restore, upgrade, and help to protect Lenovo endpoints all from the comfort of their desk (or couch, or kitchen counter).

With cybercrime increasing by 600% since the beginning of the pandemic4, LMC offers added security benefits to help safeguard sensitive data. It allows administrators to isolate compromised devices to prevent the spread of viruses and it can also help block security risks that could lead to data leaks.

Delivering all of these capabilities via a single pane of glass experience in on-premises and cloud environments, LMC helps companies access the full value of their Intel vPro technology investment to support and better secure a hybrid work environment.

“Automation and simplification are key in the modern workplace. These are areas that companies are increasingly prioritizing in order to enable their remote employees to be more productive and IT teams more efficient. Together, Lenovo Deployment Assistant and Lenovo Manageability Commander give IT administrators the access and visibility they need to provide a greater level of support, reducing employee downtime and maintaining positive end user experiences in a remote or hybrid work environment,” said John Stamer, Vice President of International Commercial Services within Lenovo’s Solutions & Services Group.

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