Lendlease pushes ‘mobile first’ tack with Optus

Globally integrated real estate group Lendlease and telco Optus have entered into a new multi-year technology partnership that forms a foundational layer to underpin Lendlease’s Mobile First strategy and support future Lendlease projects to leverage emerging technology

The new partnership comprises three key elements. First, Lendlease transitions its existing mobile and data services to Optus.

Second, Optus partners with Lendlease to roll out its cutting-edge property insights tool, Podium Property Insights (PPI), starting with Optus’ Adelaide office. And third, they will jointly explore other opportunities for collaboration.

The partnership will also build on the already strong relationship between Lendlease and Optus parent company after Singtel announced in 2022 it had partnered with Lendlease to redevelop its Singapore headquarters into a S$3 billion world-class sustainable workplace featuring the latest smart building and digital technologies.

The partnership’s first element will see Lendlease transition existing mobile and data services to the Optus network, as well as transforming management of mobile and mobile broadband services through a single platform with improved insights and asset management. 

This will include the commencement of approximately 3,000 services in 80 locations across Australia where Lendlease operates. 

By leveraging Optus’ instruments and automation capability in mobile and device lifecycle management, the partnership will improve team productivity and deliver better asset retention and significant management efficiencies.

The second element is a collaboration whereby Lendlease and Optus will develop joint solutions to leverage Lendlease’s PPI platform, starting with a deployment at Optus’ new Adelaide office. 

The PPI platform is a placemaking data and insights solution that seamlessly integrates building occupancy, attendance and operational data – allowing informed and efficient place optimisation.

Going forward, Lendlease and Optus will collaborate on future opportunities including Wi-Fi, integrated networks and IoT managed services. 

Bill Ruh, CEO of Lendlease Digital said the strategic partnership will create value for both our people, and those who live, work and play in our precincts. 

“The collaboration supports our vision to be a digitally led company, delivering on a mobile first approach for our people who’ll benefit from the new Optus infrastructure,” said Ruh. “As the partnership progresses, Optus will utilise our PPI platform to help more effectively optimise its office space.” 

Stuart Pritchard, VP of enterprise and government at Optus, said their network will enable Lendlease to collaborate and monitor data in real-time, enabling efficient decision-making and streamlined project management.