King Power in Thailand smoothens e-commerce with 8×8

King Power has integrated 8×8’s SMS API solution into their e-commerce platform to enhance customer experiences while effectively reducing operational costs by 30% by driving efficiency and cost savings.

Touted as one of the largest duty-free retailers in the world, King Power sought a strategic partner to optimise its e-commerce operations by elevating customer and employee communication experiences. 

Additionally, the Thai company needed a communications solution that provided scalable and cost-effective support. 

King Power selected the 8×8 SMS API, enabling it to efficiently reach customers anywhere, anytime by automating notifications, one-time passwords, reminders, and alerts.

Since deploying the 8×8 SMS API, King Power has experienced improvements in SMS delivery rates. 

Further, King Power has optimised its e-commerce platform by facilitating smoother processing of orders, customer verifications, and timely SMS notifications through its e-commerce platform.

“King Power…currently sends SMS messages to over 850,000 customers annually,” said Boonthavee Jarudomrongsak, VP of digital delivery management at King Power. 

“With 8×8, we are able to provide our customers with an elevated e-commerce experience they want and have come to expect from King Power, both on our website and the app,” said Boonthavee.

8×8 CPaaS — which includes SMS, messaging apps, voice, and video interaction — serves as a key enabler of business communications and customer experience in an ever-evolving digital transformation. 

Also, 8×8 CPaaS is part of the 8×8 integrated cloud contact center and unified communication platform, which includes contact centre, business phone, team chat, video meetings, and SMS capabilities.