Keysight boosts Samsung’s 6G drive

Keysight Technologies is working with Samsung Research to advance research and development of 6G technology, the next generation of wireless communication, as well as accelerate the development of artificial intelligence-enabled air interfaces.

Keysight is expanding its collaboration with Samsung to support the latter’s 6G vision of a hyper-connected world. The two companies will work together to develop test and verification technologies for 6G wireless systems.

The new technology is expected to be built on existing ones such as artificial intelligence (AI), sensing, digital twins, time-sensitive networking (TSN) and holographic communications.

Giampaolo Tardioli, VP of Keysight’s network infrastructure business, said their existing collaboration with Samsung has resulted in several important achievements towards establishing 5G new radio (NR) as a mature technology.

“6G is expected to underpin the wireless connectivity fabric that leverages heterogenous networks and the convergence of communication and computing,” said Tardioli. 

“Establishing a 6G partnership with Samsung enables Keysight to refine our software-driven test solutions, critical in developing differentiated 6G products,” he added.

Also, the collaboration will accelerate the development of AI-enabled air interfaces that leverage massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna technology. 

Such air interfaces support deployment of energy-efficient and ultra-dense networks capable of delivering ultra-low latencies and terabit data wireless transmissions.

Sunghyun Choi, EVP at Samsung Research, said this latest collaboration with Keysight will significantly advance Samsung’s 6G strategy of combining the company’s expertise in communication technology with capabilities in software and AI.

“Joining forces with Keysight enables Samsung to influence a future that uses 6G to improve human connection, health and safety,” said Choi.

He said Keysight has foundational technology and key building blocks that are essential to helping 6G become a reality. 

These includes network, channel and user equipment (UE) emulation, mmWave and sub-Terahertz (THz) signal source and analysis, as well as high-speed Ethernet network emulation and data center connectivity testing.

Choi added that Keysight’s integrated software and hardware test tools — for end-to-end conformance, interoperability, performance and security validation — allow Samsung to accurately and holistically explore the margins of designs used to power future 6G use cases.