India’s Adani Group lifts IT ops at scale with Google Cloud

The Adani Group entered into a multi-year, cloud-first partnership with Google Cloud to tap each organisation’s expertise across infrastructure, technology, and industry solutions to modernise the India-based diversified portfolio’s IT operations at scale.

“The inevitability and pace of cloud adoption mandates that every business redefine its business model,” said Gautam Adani, chairman Adani Group.

“This provides new challenges and new opportunities that will not only be transformational, but will also require new forms of industry collaboration,” said Adani.

Adami said they will work with Google Cloud across its multidimensional offerings to help the group build a technology-driven organisation, which potentially opens up new business areas for them.

The first phase of the partnership is well underway, with the Adani Group making swift progress migrating its extensive IT footprint from its existing on-premise data centre and colocation facilities to Google Cloud. 

Moving Adani’s more than 250 business-critical applications, such as its SAP HANA core, and peripheral systems to Google Cloud’s high-speed cloud infrastructure will centralise workflows, streamline operations, and enable business users to tap powerful new data capabilities for fast and accurate decision making.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said the Adani Group is paving the way toward a cloud-first future, and the partnership supports landmark projects that will promote innovation and future growth.

“Adani’s SAP migration is one of the fastest we’ve seen at scale and is already delivering significant value across its business,” said Kurian. “Our continued collaboration will spearhead new digital platforms that will have a transformative impact.”