Human Managed uses Snowflake to help firms with data-driven decisions

Singapore-based intelligence firm Human Managed will leverage Snowflake’s platform to empower customers of any size in the essential services sector, including financial institutions, to make responsible decisions. 

Through this collaboration, the Singapore-headquartered organisation Human Managed will orchestrate platforms such as Snowflake with people, processes and technologies to give their users intelligence on-demand.

Human Managed collects data from any data sources and runs analysis to interpret what is essential, interesting and relevant for cybersecurity, risk and digital scenarios. Example scenarios include Remediation Orchestration and Workspace Orchestration. 

Through Human Managed’s modular platform, users such as analysts, engineers, executives and boards receive the right intelligence in the right moments.

With Snowflake, Human Managed organises customer data to execute diverse analytic workloads and derive value from rapidly growing data sets in secure, governed, and compliant workflows.

“We need a platform that can ingest massive amounts of real-time data and securely store for Human Managed to analyse a diverse set of data using algorithms, allowing us to scale to meet the growing needs of our clients,” said Karen Kim, CEO of Human Managed.

“On top of the fact that we are both cloud-native platforms and have security built in from the ground up, Snowflake’s platform can adequately provide the tools we need to integrate data from vast sources to convert into intelligence that can be applied,” said Kim.

With Snowflake’s data engineering capabilities, Human Managed can process enormous quantities and breadth of data in the Snowflake Data Cloud with near real-time speed and efficiency in a single platform. 

This includes various types of data, including both structured and semi-structured data which Human Managed collects via various collection services, depending on the scenario in question, including real-time streaming, batch collection or on as-needed basis. 

“Clearly, the finance and banking industry has much to benefit from the adoption of technology such as data analytics to derive insights on customer intelligence and finding new sources for business growth,” said Geoff Soon, Snowflake’s managing director for South Asia.