HPE picks Clarivate for IP life cycle management

Image courtesy of HPE.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has chosen Clarivate as its IP life cycle management partner, expecting to reduce time spent on administrative processes and instead focus on its mission to transform the future of businesses and innovation.

HPE currently owns a very large patent and trademark portfolio and has adopted IPfolio, in addition to its existing use of Innography as well as patent search and annuities services from Clarivate.

“The deep integration of IPfolio with other products and services was a key factor in deciding to expand our relationship with Clarivate,”said Chun Kuo, HPE director and associate general counsel of IP analysis and support.

“The flexibility and suite of APIs offered through IPfolio lets us quickly and easily develop cutting edge apps that advocate and accelerate innovation across the company,” said Kuo. “We can now easily build workflows based on a richer dataset and retrieve and view more types of data in a simple, accessible format. This further allows us to make faster and better-informed decisions.”

Clarivate is helping HPE quickly customize the tools they need to succeed at every stage of the innovation life cycle. 

With the new solution in place HPE will be able to manage the life cycle of registered and unregistered patents and trademarks, identify licensing opportunities, select patent pools and create patents that are essential to technical and commercial standards, all supported by a single provider, Clarivate.

Earlier this year, CompuMark trademark research capabilities were integrated into IPfolio, adding global coverage of more than 180 trademark authorities to help corporate IP departments keep portfolio data complete and accurate while reducing manual data entry efforts. As a result, HPE will have the ability to watch trademarks and conduct knockout screening searches for proposed trademarks from within IPfolio.

“This integrated experience has the power to transform IP assets and data from being an administrative challenge to an efficient driver of business value,” said Gordon Samson, president of IP Group at Clarivate.