Heng Leong Hang carts CyberArk to secure staff, clients’ data

Heng Leong Hang, a Taiwan-based retail brand with more than 70 stores, is deploying the CyberArk Identity Security Platform to help better safeguard the company’s core systems and customer data.

Applying the right levels of privilege controls, the CyberArk Identity Security Platform secures human and machine identities and flexibly automates the identity lifecycle – all with continuous threat detection and prevention to enable Zero Trust and enforce least privilege.  

Heng Leong Hang is acutely aware of the substantial cybersecurity exposure faced by hundreds of employees in its stores across Taiwan. Threats include theft of sensitive employee and customer data as well as risks to point of sale systems.

The retailer is often targeted by cyberattacks, prompting management to focus on delivering improved management and control of its privileged accounts. 

With the company undergoing digital transformation, Heng Leong Hang not only needed to enhance security of its on-premises IT infrastructure but also the security of its business services, including its website, e-commerce services, and AWS cloud resource environment.

To address these challenges and strengthen its cybersecurity strategy, Heng Leong Hang opted to work with CyberArk to enhance how employee identities are authenticated and secured as well as locking down privileged access, a priority attack vector.

As a result, the company has implemented several components of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform. These tools not only protect employees with highly privileged access and workstation endpoints, but also allow for automated security processes, enhancing employee work efficiency and reducing the burden of compliance.

Timo Lu, head of IT at Heng Leong Hang, said the the size of their employee pool is their biggest challenge. 

Lu said that in order to solve cybersecurity issues, they first need to address personnel and privileged access issues. And that is why identity security was so crucial. 

“CyberArk’s solutions have not only improved access management and control but also elevated Heng Leong Hang’s security posture to a new level,” added Lu. “CyberArk significantly reduced the cyber risks associated with identity theft, exceeding my expectations.”

Edward Hsieh, regional director of CyberArk in North Asia, said the partnership not only enhances the trust of employees and customers, but also provides the necessary security foundation for Heng Leong Hang in an increasingly digitalised cloud-based business environment.