GLP boosts asset management service with chatbot, EDL

Global Logistic Properties is working with Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR) and Microsoft to become more data-driven in their asset management strategies.

A generative AI-enabled intelligent system was developed by integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. The system is capable of deep diving into its data to answer complex business inquiries. 

GLP used this opportunity to streamline workflows further and enhance customised analysis and reporting for different stakeholder groups by partnering with the generative AI experts at Rackspace Technology. They wanted a swift and effective solution to ensure timely and accurate data retrieval for all users. 

The FAIR team accelerated the secure, responsible, and sustainable adoption of generative AI solutions across industries and partnered with GLP and Microsoft to create a dynamic interface bot to offer seamless access to insights from the enterprise data lake (EDL). 

Through AI-enhanced data-querying capabilities and a centralised hub for open-ended data insights, GLP can engage better with the data and act on insights covering everything from fund management to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics and more.

Miao Song, global CIO of GLP, said that they are now benefiting from a generative AI chatbot integrated with their EDL, enabling the firm to generate “high-quality, actionable answers to complex business queries,” starting with their fund management function. 

“Furthermore, we can now access records of questions and chatbot responses. GLP is currently rolling out the chatbot to the rest of the organisation,” she said. 

“Rackspace Technology not only provided expertise and experience with Azure but also embodied a collaborative approach — acting as the foil for ensuring everything was exactly as we needed,” she added.

Hemanta Banerjee, VP, Rackspace VP for public cloud data services, said they successfully showcased the productivity gains by leveraging the transformative capabilities of generative AI in a demonstration to the GLP leadership team who were in Singapore.

“The synergies we see between a user-centric interface and a robust back-end data analysis mechanism showcase the immense potential of what this project could achieve in future phases,” said Banerjee.

Rachel Bondi, Microsoft Asia’s regional VP for small, medium, and corporate (SMC), said that through Azure OpenAI Service and Power BI, they were able to equip GLP with a scalable and secure solution to create an intelligent system that can answer complex business queries across different domains and functions. 

“This solution not only enhances GLP’s operational efficiency and decision-making, but also demonstrates its leadership and innovation in the logistics industry,” said Bondi.