Getlink takes data-as-a-service track with Talend

Transportation firm Getlink is leveraging Talend Data Fabric as a key driver in its “data-as-a-service” strategy to integrate and manage all its subsidiary activity data within its central data platform dubbed One Getlink.

The platform enables Getlink to collect, redistribute, and democratise secure access to the company’s data at scale to enrich its operations and foster innovation.

“Through our strategy, we want to break down silos and democratise access to data for all our employees and leaders to encourage informed decision-making,” said Morade El Fahsi, head of data, Getlink. 

“By implementing a single, central platform powered by Talend that brings together all the group’s data, we ensure that we have trusted, high-quality data,” he said. “This enables us to stimulate innovation and transform our data landscape to exploit its full potential while improving our operations, services, and overall performance.”

With One Getlink, Getlink is benefiting from a centralised data organisation based on a secure, reliable, high-performance, and scalable cloud platform. 

Within this infrastructure, Talend orchestrates, transports, and processes all the group’s data, whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, on-premises or in the cloud to a data lake on Azure and a data warehouse on Snowflake. 

Also, a data governance team manages, monitors, and enriches the platform in close collaboration with operational staff.

This approach provides Getlink with comprehensive, reliable data for use cases such as artificial intelligence, with Azure ML for processing machine learning models for enhanced predictive maintenance, and analytics with Qlik, enabling business users to create and discover insights that fuel decision making.

Getlink’s upcoming data platform developments will meet various business needs, including real-time consultation of data from IoT sensors to facilitate automatic planning of maintenance work. 

In addition, data will be made available as open data via marketplaces or a platform, thus promoting its openness and use. 

Finally, self-service and data literacy will be encouraged by opening data marts, automating data sharing, and training critical users for autonomous exploitation.

“As companies turn to the cloud to modernise their infrastructure and manage their workloads, data as a service is becoming one of the most widely used options for data integration, management, storage, and analysis,” says Gareth Vincent, Qlik SVP of sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

“By adopting this DaaS approach with Talend, Getlink is improving the agility of data volumes, reducing the time it takes to access information, and strengthening the reliability and integrity of its data,” said Vincent.