Four firms lead Employee Driven Innovation push in Singapore

Deloitte Singapore, Food Drinks and Allied Workers Union , OCBC Bank and Tim Ho Wan pilot Employee Driven Innovation Singapore

The Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) in Singapore has embarked on the pilot phase of its new Employee Driven Innovation (EDI) initiative, which is expected to bolster IAL’s Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA).

Four organisations – Deloitte Singapore; Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union; OCBC Bank; and Tim Ho Wan – will kickstart the implementation of the EDI and pave the way for IAL’s existing base of LEA enterprises to follow suit.

Their projects range from job re-designs, mapping competencies of skills to leveraging ICT with active participation from their employees.

The LEA is a knowledge network of curated enterprises that represents diverse industries committed to using workplace learning in the design of work and workplace practices, which are aimed at promoting employee performance and opportunities for continuous learning.

Also, the LEA initiative anchors IAL’s focus area of developing organisational capability in workplace-based learning. It also promotes a culture of self-directed learning in the workplace, aligning with Singapore’s vision for its workforce to be a Learning Nation.

EDI will introduce a new paradigm that promotes innovation through everyday employee-led improvisations of work processes. These involve aspects of change management, idea generation and idea implementation, which support an environment in which innovation does not need to follow traditional hierarchical structures.

Since its launch, the LEA initiative has welcomed 58 enterprises into its network, with 18 new enterprises onboard this year. Small to medium enterprises within LEA stand to receive funding support of up to 80% of eligible consultancy cost or $10,000 (whichever is lower) to jumpstart their workplace learning transformation projects.