EVYD, A*STAR power on joint lab for AI in healthcare

EVYD Technology and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) of Singapore have established a joint lab to advance AI research for population health and digital health, to enhance healthcare solutions and drive positive impact for patients.

The A*STAR-EVYD Joint Lab aims to address various healthcare challenges through the application of AI. 

These include, first, developing a health domain data collection and wellness score, supported by behavioural science to encourage the adoption of healthy habits like nutrition and mental well-being.

Second is exploring a health concierge service that employs large language models in a healthcare context.

Third is using remote health monitoring for early detection of health issues, enabling healthcare providers to optimise treatment plans, enhance patient outcomes and improve capacity planning.

And fourth is streamlining diagnostic workflows and improving accuracy to assist clinicians in data interpretation and diagnostic evaluation.

In addition, the joint lab will contribute to addressing Singapore’s healthcare needs through the following efforts. One effort relates to R&D in technologies aimed at tackling industry-specific challenges for population health and digital health.

Another is pilot testing and deploying innovative AI-driven medical data processing, secure data technologies for validated practical applications outside laboratory settings, increasing confidence levels to pave the way for large-scale adoption by stakeholders.

Still another is facilitating knowledge sharing amongst the healthcare communities by organising workshops, seminars or conferences that bring together researchers, industry professionals and ecosystem stakeholders.

Under the joint lab, EVYD Technology and A*STAR will embark on a S$10 million project to develop a platform for facilitating multi-institutional, cross-border collaborations in digital health. 

A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) will lead this effort. The platform targets to tackle the regulatory limitations and concerns associated with data sharing across entities and borders. 

By incorporating secure data technologies such as AI-driven federated learning, healthcare entities can keep sensitive data within their own information technology infrastructures instead of transmitting it to a central server. 

Through such innovations, the platform aims to facilitate efficient collaboration among local and international healthcare providers, research institutions, and healthcare companies to co-create innovative healthcare solutions.

Ming Jie Chua, CEO of EVYD Technology, said the A*STAR-EVYD Joint Lab is a strategic collaboration that holds tremendous potential for transforming patient outcomes on a global scale. 

“By leveraging artificial intelligence, advanced data processing techniques, and privacy-preserving technologies, EVYD Technology and A*STAR’s IHPC aim to push the boundaries of what is achievable in population health and digital health,” the CEO said.

Lim Keng Hui, Assistant Chief Executive of A*STAR’s Science and Engineering Research Council, said the project will serve as a dynamic platform to foster collaboration with the healthcare community and facilitate cross-sector partnerships.