Evermos ramps up analytics, engineering with Snowflake

Evermos, Indonesia’s largest connected commerce platform, chose Snowflake’s Data Cloud to power its data-driven transformation strategy and enhance its data analytics and engineering capabilities. 

As a provider of shared infrastructure for over 1,200 local micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), including over 179,000 monthly active resellers delivering over 65,000 products, Evermos empowers local resellers — 71% of whom are women — to scale their businesses so they can reach more customers and improve their sales and revenue.

Snowflake’s unified data platform as the underlying foundation for Evermos’ “Self-Service Analytics Project,” business teams are now expected to perform basic analytics tasks on their own, democratise data, and foster a data-driven culture across their organisations.

To further support the success and growth of its valued clients, the social commerce giant embarked on an aggressive strategy to better understand the needs and desires of current resellers. 

However, because the Evermos data team currently accounts for only 1% to 5% of the company’s total workforce, this hindered Evermos from the in-depth analysis needed to unlock valuable insights and its data professionals struggled to keep up with the growing number of requests from internal business users.

By harnessing Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Evermos seamlessly connected its data previously dispersed across sources, allowing business analysts access through visualisation tools and analytics applications. 

Business analysts have also benefited from data democratisation and can more easily use available self-service tools to drive value — regardless of their technical background. This, in effect, has halved the workload of the data team and freed up their time for more sophisticated tasks. 

Snowflake’s platform also enables Evermos to deploy a data segmentation tool for sales and marketing teams. Before this, it took the data team a full business day to process a request from sales and marketing. Now, it takes less than an hour for the sales and marketing teams to execute a request on their own.

“Deploying Snowflake’s powerful platform for our self-service analytics project has been a game-changer for Evermos,” said Rendy Bambang Jr., VP of data at Evermos. 

“By enabling our business teams to perform simple analytics tasks on their own, it is as if we have hired an additional data team, “said the VP. “With their workload significantly reduced, our data team now focuses on more strategic work, such as diagnostic and even prescriptive analytics.”

He added that Evermos is now better equipped to pursue strategic initiatives that help the company better engage new resellers.