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EML Payments fights fraud with Netcetera

Australia-based EML Payments has partnered with Netcetera to implement their Access Control Server (ACS) including a Risk Based Authentication (RBA) solution. 

Netcetera’s globally certified 3DS product is expected to ensure  secure online payments across all card networks and reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Operating in 27 countries, EML had been on the lookout for a reliable ACS provider to authenticate a high number of online transactions and protect customers against fraud. 

Netcetera, which is based in Switzerland, has developed the 3DS Issuer Service with pre-integrated risk scoring from INFORM. The Netcetera ACS is based on a modular system, has an integrated Out of Band (OOB) authentication method, a comprehensive reporting engine, extensive, customisable features, modern and user-friendly administration portal, and standardised web services and API’s enabling faster onboarding.

As an EMVCo associate and market leader for secure payments with 3-D Secure products that are certified with all major card networks, Netcetera operates a PCI DSS- & PCI 3DS-certified system.

Over 30 million cards worldwide are protected by their 3-D Secure Issuing Service, which allows frictionless online payment while authenticating transactions securely across all channels and devices, thus preventing online fraud.

“Netcetera’s product guarantees payment security and has added a highly effective card-not-present authentication solution to our offer,” said Patrick O’Shaughnessy, EML’s group fraud manager.