Doctor Anywhere picks Vonage to boost services in SE Asia

Doctor Anywhere, a regional omnichannel healthcare company headquartered in Singapore, has engaged Vonage to deliver timely and effective digital healthcare solutions across Southeast Asia using Vonage’s Video API.

The healthcare service provider’s digital platform enables users to manage their health easily and effectively through its mobile app. Users can consult a licensed local doctor anytime, anywhere, and get medication delivered to their doorstep within hours. 

Medical history, health reports, and other documents are stored in-app for easy access. Doctor Anywhere also runs in-person clinics, provides home visits and operates an in-app marketplace – DA Marketplace – for health and wellness products and services.

“High-quality, uninterrupted video services are essential for us to enhance our platform’s customer experience and deliver timely medical attention to our rapidly expanding user base,” said Lim Wai Mun, founder and CEO of Doctor Anywhere.

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and soon in Indonesia, Doctor Anywhere has 2.5 million users; 3,000 general practitioner and specialist doctors; more than 1,000 key corporate accounts; and more than 500 team members. 

To continue offering a seamless user experience and to cope with the rising demand for video consultations, Doctor Anywhere partnered with Vonage to enhance its video capabilities through the Vonage Video API to provide medical advice and deliver supervised self-swab COVID-19 tests over video consultations. 

This helps Doctor Anywhere align its services to social distancing measures, provide uninterrupted services where in-person consultations are risky and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 infection.

Sunny Rao, SVP of Global Sales at Vonage, said the demand for digital health services continues to surge in Asia Pacific, with the market expected to be worth US$326 billion by 2030. 

Rao said patients expect to have access to digital health tools — a behavioural change that has been accelerated by the pandemic. To meet this growing digital health demand, healthcare providers need to adopt dependable and robust platforms to enable fast and effective telehealth delivery.

“The infrastructure, built with our Video API, has enabled countless telehealth providers to provide instant medical consultations efficiently, especially in markets where in-person counselling is a challenge,” added Rao.