Delta unveils plant factory at Singapore’s smart biz district

Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, has introduced a containerised smart plant factory and its building automation solutions at Punggol Digital District in Singapore.

As one of four initial corporations joining the district, Delta integrated a broad range of energy-efficient industrial automation, thermal management and LED lighting systems to enable a 12-meter containerised smart plant factory.

The facility is capable of regularly producing vast amounts of pesticide-free vegetables with only a fraction of carbon and space footprint as well as less than 5% the water consumption of traditional farmland. 

“As the world suffers from the scarcity of natural resources, Delta constantly innovates with smart green solutions that can foster sustainability in essential industries, such as manufacturing, buildings and agriculture,” said Cecilia Ku, general manager of Delta Electronics International (Singapore).

The smart plant factory integrates Delta’s industrial automation, DC brushless fans, and LED lighting systems to create optimal environmental conditions for the cultivation of high-quality, eco-friendly vegetables. 

For example, up to 144 kg of Caipira lettuce can be produced per month in one 12-meter container unit. Unlike most hydroponics vertical farms, Delta’s smart farm solution adopts a modular system, giving flexibility for the expansion of production scales. 

Also, the solution can be customised to produce up to 46 different types of vegetables and herbs and at the same time, ensuring stable and constant supply of quality yield. 

The solution allows for monitoring and data analytics of the environmental and machine metrics, enabling farmers to make more informed decisions about their production process.

In addition, Delta retrofitted the PDD site gallery with its Building Automation Solutions to nurture companies and educate next generation talents on smart living solutions. 

Building systems, such as air conditioning, lighting, energy management, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring and surveillance are all managed on a single platform by adopting LOYTEC’s IoT-based building management platform and building control systems. 

Delta’s building automation solutions installed in the PDD gallery also offer benefits such as human-centric lighting control with circadian rhythm, indoor air quality monitoring and control, smart energy metering, crowd detection and people-counting. 

These functions are all seamlessly integrated into PDD’s Open Digital Platform, which allows remote monitoring and machine learning of usage patterns to obtain the building operation performance and achieve Delta’s goal of a smart, healthy, safe, and efficient life.