Cognizant, Google Cloud AI teamup boosts software development

Cognizant and Google Cloud are expanding their partnership to enhance the software delivery lifecycle and accelerate developer productivity.

Through this, Cognizant will adopt Gemini for Google Cloud in two ways. First, by training Cognizant associates to use Gemini for software development assistance and, second, by integrating Gemini’s advanced capabilities within its internal operations and platforms. 

Using Gemini for Google Cloud, Cognizant’s developers will be equipped to write, test, and deploy code faster and more effectively with the help of AI-powered tools, improving the reliability and cost efficiency of building and managing client applications.

Through the collaboration, Cognizant and Google Cloud will use Gemini to deliver a broad range of benefits to enterprise clients across industries, helping them build applications quickly, rigorously test code, and swiftly remediate issues to optimise performance throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

“Software development is one of the jobs likely to benefit most from the way generative AI is redefining the anatomy of work,” said Ravi Kumar S, CEO of Cognizant. 

“Cognizant has committed to investing $1 billion in generative AI over three years because we believe it is a powerful tool to amplify human potential, and our partnership with Google Cloud is central to this commitment, and to realizing this vision,” he said.

Over the next 12 months, and in line with the company’s Synapse initiative to upskill one million individuals globally by 2026, Cognizant will invest in enabling more than 70,000 associates across multiple Cognizant functions on Google Cloud’s AI offerings. 

Additionally, Cognizant will work to integrate Gemini into its suite of automated platforms and accelerators, beginning with the recently announced Cognizant Flowsource platform for developers.

“Generative AI has the potential to significantly improve every stage of the software delivery lifecycle, helping developers quickly generate code, troubleshoot issues, and automate processes,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. 

“By training and enabling its workforce on Gemini for Google Cloud, Cognizant can expedite the speed and quality of software development projects for joint customers,” said Kurian.

Bringing generative AI capabilities into Cognizant’s proprietary internal operations and platforms is expected to help the consulting firm foster deeper insights, optimise processes, and improve user experiences, securely and responsibly. 

In line with Cognizant’s plans to invest in deep AI-related competencies, the company will establish a Gemini Studio within each of its Cloud AI Innovation hubs in Bangalore, London, and Plano, Texas, to help enterprise customers ideate, architect, and scale AI solutions. 

Cognizant will also establish Gemini Centers of Excellence within its new dedicated Google Cloud delivery centers in Mexico and Romania, and it will continue its expansion in India to accelerate customer success with generative AI solutions.

Google Cloud will support Cognizant in the continued development of AI-led software engineering best practices, and by helping the Cognizant Google Cloud AI University launch advanced courses on AI use cases.