China Mobile, Ubitus to launch 5G cloud game streaming service

Image courtesy of Ubitus

Ubitus K.K. and China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited have built a 5G cloud gaming service called UGAME.

CMHK is the first operator in Hong Kong to launch a gaming service on mobile and UTV devices. It has selected Ubitus — GPU virtualization technology and cloud streaming platform — to help launch the new UGAME service, that is exclusive to CMHK customers. The strategy is to build a subscription base for its 5G services. Users will be able to download the updated app in Google Play.

The UGAME platform provides 40 game titles, both PC and console games, with supports of the latest 5G network. The UGAME service is free at the moment in its beta stage.

The service delivers instant console gaming experiences by subscription on demand without the need for consoles or high-end gaming products. The games are streamed live over 5G and use a smartphone or a TV with a gamepad.

Ubitus has a signed similar 5G gaming partnerships late last year with Vodafone in Italy and KT in Korea.