Chery, Haier build internet platform for automotive industry

Automaker Chery and home appliances and consumer electronics firm Haier have set up a joint venture named Anhui Haixingyun Iot Technology, which will use the COSMOPlat of Haier to build the first mass customization industrial Internet platform in China’s automobile industry.

They will also jointly build a new internet ecosystem for the automobile industry. 

The establishment of the JV is a combination of “industrial Internet + automobile manufacturing” and the first application of mass customisation mode in the automobile industry.

The JV will carry out the R&D, sales, implementation and operation and maintenance of internet-related applications in the automobile industry. 

Also, the partnership is expected to not only accelerate the digital transformation of Chery and its upstream and downstream industrial chains, but also create a model that can be replicated and promoted abroad to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China’s automobile industry.

In the cooperation, Chery will rely on its core technologies, R&D system and process advantages built over 24 years in the automotive industry, as well as technology layout and product development resources in the fields of new energy, intelligent connectivity and autonomous driving. It will also give full play to the driving role of upstream and downstream enterprises in the auto industry chain, and serve for the large-scale application of industrial Internet platform in the auto industry and the acceleration of intelligent transformation.

In the future, Chery will take “three steps” to build an industrial Internet platform.

First is to take intelligent super factory as the core to lead Chery’s digital comprehensive transformation and establish an enterprise-level platform. Second, to achieve rapid regional coverage, fully empower SMEs to digital transformation, and create a cross-regional industry platform. And third, to extend to the overseas market under the guidance of domestic and international double circulation and build an international “dual-cross” platform. 

Based on the industrial internet, Chery will take users as the pointer to build a digital Chery of intelligent travel, intelligent decision-making and intelligent interconnection, and fully embrace the era of intelligent cars.