Chartered Accountants ANZ,  MMA Offshore lift DX with Boomi

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is using the Boomi platform to revitalise member digital experiences, streamlining skills assessment and building personalisation into a new member portal. 

Similarly, Perth-based MMA Offshore (MMA) is doing so to provide consistent employee master data management across its line of business applications.

CA ANZ offers rigorous education, accreditation, and mentored practical experience pathways for more than 136,000 professional members. 

Consiering this, CA ANZ sought to create an IT environment capable of supporting its transition to a data-driven member experience hub.

Kylie Fisher, CIO at CA ANZ, said members want tailored services and support that is available in a matter of clicks, but their previous point-to-point integration architecture struggled to support this. 

“Boomi has allowed us to rebuild and establish a layered architecture where APIs are re-usable to support faster development and more personalised engagement,” said Fisher.

CA ANZ connected 15 business-critical systems, such as its Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM), Sitecore content management system (CMS), NetSuite financial management, and Snowflake data lake, alongside several other event and learning systems. Now, Fisher’s team can do faster code drops and fixes at previously untenable speed. 

“Meeting that need in the right channel at the right time is crucial to delivering improved member experiences,” said Fisher. “Improving our digital experience improves the first engagement, and this ought to give CA ANZ a foundation for changing market conditions.”

Nathan Gower, director of ANZ at Boomi, said that by bringing together its technology assets with structure and rigor, CA ANZ has created an environment that’s ready and willing to serve up tailored experiences to the digital member.

Meanwhile, with MMA a fleet of 19 offshore vessels and over 1,100 employees, the company needed to strengthen its management of critical data, as part of efforts to streamline business processes and improve decision-making.

According to Jon Fowler, ICT General Manager at MMA, they needed a digital framework capable of easily and reliably connecting core business systems in order to unlock and harness that data.

“We’re a fast-moving, dynamic organisation, which means quick access to consistent, accurate data is imperative,” said Fowler. 

“With Boomi, our employee  data is captured once at the source, then automation does the grunt work to streamline administration, making core employee master data instantly available across our platforms to assist with rostering, travel logistics, time sheeting, and payroll processing,” he added.

MMA is using Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to connect its cloud and on-premises line of business applications, including its enterprise resource planning (ERP), scheduling, travel systems, and payroll.

The Boomi-connected environment also ensures data is available where employees expect it and, according to Fowler, this means the Information Services team is able to respond and deliver solutions quicker.

“We previously sunk substantial time into building connections or manually moving data around,” said Folwer. “Instead of weeks, our integration framework now allows us to complete work in a much shorter timeframe – this makes business expansion far more efficient with easy, to plug- in data sets.”

Boomi’s Gower said that as MMA breaks into new divisions, automation and data connectivity will take the guesswork out of project orchestration, enhancing productivity – a benefit to the bottom line and client satisfaction.