CelcomDigi links up with AWS to co-create generative AI solutions

Malaysia-based telco CelcomDigi signed up to leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) capabilities and co-create generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions aimed at improving operations and delivering enhanced user experience. 

Using Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service, CelcomDigi will establish an AI Sandbox, driven through its Innovation Centre, for its employees to experiment, innovate, and implement generative AI solutions. 

This includes leveraging the expertise of CelcomDigi’s IT engineers as well as AWS AI capabilities and experts to develop generative AI solutions for use cases that will be integrated into CelcomDigi’s operational platforms for human resources (HR), customer service, legal, finance, and more.

As part of a joint commitment to develop digital and AI talents in Malaysia, CelcomDigi and AWS will also collaborate to train CelcomDigi employees on AI capabilities. 

CelcomDigi has started the development and integration of its existing knowledge-based AI chatbot assistant with Amazon Bedrock, to create a one-stop knowledge and data generation platform that gives employees easy access to organisational and HR-related information. This is expected to eliminate traditional work processes with AI technology and improving employee experience.

On Amazon Bedrock, CelcomDigi will develop and implement Bahasa Melayu language algorithms with Amazon’s Bedrock Large Language Models (LLM) — named Amazon Titan and Anthropic Claude — that have deep learning algorithms which can process natural languages, into solutions such as a chatbots to communicate with its linguistically and culturally diverse customer base. 

Also, CelcomDigi and AWS will explore deploying personalised generative AI use cases for Malaysian businesses across industries and consumers.

“Through our adoption of (AWS’) generative AI solutions, we can create more possibilities for future talent development and achieve operational excellence throughout our organisation,” said Idham Nawawi, CEO at CelcomDigi.

“This initiative also enables us to refine these solutions and bring its benefits and value to our customers and Malaysian enterprises across industries,” said Nawawi.

Pete Murray, AWS country manager in Malaysia, said CelcomDigi’s collaboration with AWS is a great example of how telcos can enhance end-to-end operational efficiency and redefine the user experience for both employees and customers with the power of generative AI technology. 

“With AWS, CelcomDigi can drive new use cases at scale with AI-optimised infrastructure and the flexibility to choose fit-for-purpose foundational models through Amazon Bedrock,” said Murray. “This collaboration also accelerates the delivery of new innovative AI services to Malaysian enterprises.”