Currencycloud CTO outlines digital resilience strategy for fintechs

Currencycloud's Neil Drennan talks about the importance of digital resilience for fintechs, especially amid increasing cyber risk.

How serious is the Shangri-La data breach? Experts weigh in.

Shangri-La reported that customer data was stolen across eight of their hotels in Asia. Security experts discuss its implications, best practices, and more.

PXL Marketing rolls with the hard punches via software

Keith Tan of PXL Marketing shares how his organisation adapted to supply chain challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Qualys CEO on how to keep up with hackers

Sumedh Thakar, President and CEO of Qualys, shares his insights on cybersecurity and how to keep pace with malicious actors.

Alteryx CEO wants to bring the power of data into more...

Alteryx CEO Mark Anderson talks about how they're democratising data and analytics to transform businesses.

Untangling supply chain snags

Zuellig Pharma's Daniel Laverick details his company’s efforts to deal with the health crisis while transforming their processes.

By leveraging data, PropertyGuru is building brand trust

Frontier Enterprise spoke with PropertyGuru's Manav Kamboj on how they're using data to help developers, agents, and property seekers.

AvePoint CEO on tech goals, dealing with the talent crunch

We spoke with AvePoint's Dr Tianyi Jiang about their technology challenges and goals, AvePoint's early days, and more.

Six key takeaways from the Optus data breach

We asked several cybersecurity experts about the Optus data breach. Here are their key takeaways on the event.

With technology, Signify lights its way through a crisis

Signify's Jitender Khurana shares how they used technology to get past the pandemic's hurdles, and what they learned in the process.
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Automation is not just RPA: Workato CIO

We spoke to Workato's Carter Busse about all things automation, including popular processes that customers use, and using automation in unexpected ways.