Solving two enterprise issues with just one AI

Citrix Singapore chose Noodle Factory's AI-powered learning platform to improve their partner business plans. Here's their story.

Simplifying IT through networking innovation

We recently got in touch with David Hughes, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Aruba Networks, and asked him many things about networking.

Cloud security via deep observability

Gigamon board member Paul Hooper talks about the link between cybersecurity and deep observability, among other network-related topics.

How to bolster speed and security? Work with an MSP

Auto & General SEA recently chose Rackspace Technology to take care of their cloud infrastructure. We asked both companies about the project.

Optimising cloud strategy for the Industry 4.0 era

Data now drives industries as companies adopt hybrid/multi-cloud environments. Here's a discussion on how cloud strategies help the enterprise.

Narrowing the gap between physical and digital security

Senior IT experts discuss security challenges and strategies on how to reconcile the merging of physical and digital infrastructures.

Rsquare is digitising the search for office space

Lee Johnwoo, Rsquare's CEO, talks about proptech, building a massive database, and his vision of the future, among others.

The inevitable rise of full-stack observability

Joe Byrne, Executive CTO of Cisco AppDynamics, talks about the growing appetite for full-stack observability, its implementation hurdles, and more.

Making analytics accessible across the enterprise

Paula Hansen, CRO and President at Alteryx, talks about Digital Transformation 2.0, business challenges, the future of analytics, and more.

Epsilon CEO on networking and connectivity

We talked to Epsilon CEO Michel Robert about topics such as their business challenges, halting data centre projects in Singapore, and more.
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How to boost IoT security amid rising cyberthreats

Dr. Solahuddin Bin Shamsuddin, CyberSecurity Malaysia's CTO, discusses how companies can strengthen IoT security amid growing cyberthreats.