Workato CIO dishes out internal automation strategy

Workato's CIO discusses evolving from task to process automation, leveraging AI for workflow, and aligning tech with business operations.

Zespri’s tech leap: From kiwi fruit to firewalls

Zespri has adopted tech solutions to bolster its cybersecurity across its global operations, and secure its network and kiwi fruit marketing.

How IHH Healthcare removed pain points with automation

IHH Healthcare Singapore enhances operations and patient care through automation, fostering an innovation-driven culture via Botathons.

Gigamon CPO on APAC cybersecurity trends and visibility

Gigamon's CPO, Michael Dickman, talks about cybersecurity trends in APAC and the challenge of ensuring network visibility.

CEO Vision: Peering into VMware’s cloud, enterprise AI future

VMware's CEO talks about cloud repatriation, AI's role in enterprise, data security challenges, and the tech landscape shaped by innovations.

VMware CTO charts course through unexplored AI waters

VMware CTO Kit Colbert shares insights on multi-cloud strategies, generative AI, and how the company is addressing emerging tech risks.

SolarWinds CEO on navigating APAC’s digitalisation maze

SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna discusses intricacies of digital transformation in APAC, offering insights into strategies and trends.

Is DX simply a fad now? IT experts weigh in

Decision-makers from HSBC, A.S. Watson, and Ninja Van discuss the evolving landscape of digital transformation and its business impact.

World Table Tennis nets data streaming revamp with Confluent

WTT teams with Confluent for real-time data, boosting fan engagement, streamlining data, and future-proofing technology.

Bridging healthcare gaps with communication technology

Explore how healthcare institutions in APAC are using communication technology like Zoom to overcome challenges and improve patient care.
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Rx for healthcare: IHH Singapore COO on tech’s impact

Delve into insights from IHH Singapore's COO on integrating tech in healthcare, covering robotics to digital advancements, reshaping care.